सोमवार, सितंबर 21, 2015


Some of the memories 
are reserved for those nice moments ... 

when on the earth 
the carpet of moonlight spreads all around
where the flowers with their moisten smell
make the nature more romantic...

and the season of romance blooming everywhere
when the eye-lash gratifying with lusty cheers
and there is an immediate desire of heart
that this time must stop here and now...

and throughout such a moment 
too many centuries be surpassed…
-Firdaus Khan

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Unknown Season of love...

in the calm and lonely night
a breezing wind sings a song 
of quite unknown season of love...
I do start changing
the pages of my past days
one by one... 

and even more to the introversion
where in the island of memories or
such as like 

once hot summer's afternoon of June
I feel warmth of your  that touch  
even now feeling that at this moment...
-Firdaus Khan

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Book of love

Oh’ Dear
I still remember those moments
when you said to me:
"your poetry is not just a poetry
but the spell of sacred book of love
learned by you at heart..."

And hence
I started thinking...that
your every word itself is like the Kalame-ilahi
which I wish to read perpetually
as like that of the Kalma...
-Firdaus Khan

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